Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hopelessness as a Cultural Disease

Blaming others is how helplessness leads to victimization, marginalization and hopelessness.   Of course there are always people more than willing for money or power you give them to help you feel better about it all.  If you are able to transfer the blame for whatever you are facing in life, you don't have to feel accountable and you don't have to take the blame.  This has been going on for centuries.  Even in the Garden of Eden.  "The woman you gave me.. "  Blaming God.

The French Revolution was all about blaming others and punishing them.  Nazi Germany was about blaming Jews for economic decline.  The blame game is insidious and costs lives not only for the ones being blamed but for the one doing the blaming.  As long as you can keep up the mental illusion that I would become able and successful IF ONLY those people who I blame for keeping me down would get out of the way.

Of course it's easy if you can drum up some way long ago slight, disaster or abuse.  Jews killed Jesus.  The Bolsheviks pointed to how the Czars robbed and murdered their opponents.  Thus the rise the revolution that led to the soviet union.

Blame is dangerous and it is pointless.  It does nothing and nothing can be done to make the person or entity being blamed to make it right.  There is none.

We have that in today's world in spades.  It's become a national malady that people who want power, influence and money thrive on.

There are those today who blame all their woes on Obama.
Then those who blame all their woes on Bush.

There are those who believe and blame secret forces for controlling the world and using it against them:
The Illuminati
Council of Foreign Relations
The Federal Reserve
The Bilderbergers
Big Business
Big Banks
Secret societies like the KKK, Neo Nazis or The Masons or some such
The 1% (rich people)
Liberal Colleges
The Chinese or whichever nation is secretly doing whatever to whomever
The list is very long and very pointless.  IF there were actually truth to any of this those who make a living exposing these things would be all over it.

Then there are the pitiful among us.. those who blame the "Other" for their dismay:
Blacks blaming whites by assigning every cultural aberration to race pointing to slavery 180 years ago.
Women blaming gender bias for everything.  Except women are paid the same as men and graduate from college at a higher rate than men.
Whites blaming blacks for economic disasters because "They don't pull their own weight"
Muslims blaming non Muslims for discrimination because they won't assimilate
American Indians blaming the white man for the poverty and despair in their population
Southerners blaming the north for destroying the south and why so many states can't get break

When you hear someone blaming anything or anyone for something that doesn't seem to be in order in their lives I recommend they find a mirror.

We don't need the people who are running for office, using this to bait people into blaming others to create hopelessness, using corruption to create ghetto environments that prosper a few at the expense of many, that cause children to grow up hopeless and helpless and perpetuating an already bad situation.

I do not believe God can bless a nation that has descended into a blame the "OTHER" first mentality.  We will be expelled from our Garden of Eden. Until we face the fact that our life is in OUR hands and in God's Hand and not "the other" who caused this.  I have said before I don't live in the past very well.  I only look to today and to the future.  What happened to me 50 years ago is gone, past, history. Tragic as it might have been I can't go back and change is and blaming it for my own failures will only sustain a continued failure of my own.

I certainly can't go back 150 years and rectify the injustice done to my ancestors that caused them to end up homeless and living in a barn working for peanuts.

I must go forward.  If I could encourage all people I know it would be this one thing.  Stop the blame game.. it is causing you to become hopeless.  That is an awful feeling.

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