Monday, February 15, 2016

The Nightmare from New York

A few months ago I said that if Hillary were the Democrat candidate I would vote for Donald Trump.  That no longer is true. If Hillary is the candidate and Trump is the candidate, I simply won't vote.

The choice between crazy and corrupt is no choice at all.  The nation will make a terrible decision either way. I suspect there will at that point be a third party candidate, probably Bloomberg.  I would vote for him if that came to pass.

If it were Trump versus Bernie Sanders, with no third party, I would vote for Sanders. He's a deluded old guy but he believes in his cause.  I believe him to be confused but honest about it. He is supportive of Gun Rights.  He would be stopped by a conservative congress and most of what he believes can never come to pass.  We would be safer under a Sanders Presidency than we would under Trump or Hillary.

That is the nightmare choice brought to us by Donald Trump. I'm not happy about it.

However the good news I HOPE is that standing up against to the whole republican field he is still behind and there is NO ONE who is currently supporting any of the others are going to migrate to Trump.  He has burned over his chances for that.  In a Rubio Trump one on one Rubio takes him to the cleaners.  In Cruz one on one it's closer.  Bush one on one.. it's a draw, Kasich one on one Kasich gets it.  Sadly Carson doesn't make the cut.

We are at a crossroads.  The war is on.. and I can only hope that sanity returns because I DO NOT want to vote for Bernie Sanders.  Trump is Hillary Clinton without the pantsuit.  A vote for either of those people is catastrophe.  

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