Friday, July 22, 2016

20 Takeaways from the Republican National Convention

1. Hillary Clinton must never become President. 
2. The true colors of many people who believed themselves to be Republicans or Conservatives were laid bare.  Some was pretty ugly.
3. There is a thuggery that was demonstrated clearly during rules votes, roll call and when Cruz spoke
4. The men that spoke about the 13 hours of Benghazi were really effective
5. The divisions demonstrated will not be resolved until the very end... and may not be.  Much now depends on the Trump Organization. 
6. Trump's acceptance speech was not great.  It's fashionable to think it was, but it was not his best work by any means.  He is much more effective speaking from the heart and some speechwriter hijacked his heart.
7. It was refreshing to see many fewer politicians and more real people.  Ryan and McConnell were terrible and should not have spoken.
8. This is a birthing of a new republican party, those of us who were part of the earlier movement (Tea Party) are not invited.  Neither are establishment politicians.  It will take a while to see if there is anything beyond this.  The next weeks are essential to defeating Hillary. 
9. I admire the effort to reach out to minorities and LGBT and sometimes Q populations.  I doubt the effectiveness.  Maybe marginally.  Like the monkey who tries to take too many figs out of the jar and can't get his hand out.  It might be good to get the base first.
10. Trump has a lovely family.  That's wonderful.  If he continues to use them, he will be helped.
11. The personal pronoun I needed an excision from his acceptance speech.  WE works much better.
12. Mike Pence gives me comfort.  I can imagine impeachment proceedings.  Or incapacity.  He would be able to take over without a hiccup.
13. It's time to get organized.  The lack of it is showing.  Trump-centric campaigns where he has to do all the heavy lifting will not get us there. 
14. There are 5 states he MUST win to become President.  All others will vote as they always do.  Forget them.  Spend ALL your time in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and Michigan.  Have Pence work Indiana.  Walker needs to work Wisconsin.  Firm up the Carolina's using surrogates.  It's an uphill battle and any idea that he can win New York or California or even Minnesota is a pipe dream.
15. The Cruz non endorsement was a wise move on his part.  He was in a no win situation.  AND.. think of Thanksgiving over the turkey.  His dad is there, his wife is there.  If he had endorsed Trump he would have to look at them and say, "Hey it's just politics" meaning that means more to me than you do.  He did right. Sometimes you have to make hard choices.  He considered that one far more carefully than you can imagine.  It's a straw man.
16.  As the reality of a Hillary victory raises it's head, many who are now deciding to vote for Johnson or Jill will return from their brief romance with a loser third party.  They will return and borrowing my paper bag and nose clip, will pull the lever for Trump.
17. Trumps inability to get people like me to become enthusiastic but willing to do what it takes to defeat Hillary is a major flaw.  There are SOME Republicans who will actually vote for her. Christie Todd Whitman is among them.  She said, "At least we know her".  Bad theology, but a sentiment many have.
18. This has been an unorthodox season and it is about to become unorthodoxer (if that's a word). 
19. Trump will poll well over the weekend.  Don't get excited.  It's a convention bounce not worth the electrons it will take to report it.  After the DNC convention the same thing will happen.  Hillary will look like the soon to be coronated queen.  LABOR DAY.. is when the gloves come off.  Up till then it will be two Sumo Wrestlers sizing one another up.. no actual blows or tackles will be made till September. 
20. This will be the dirtiest meanest most divisive election in our history.  If you hate politics, move to an island in the pacific without TV or Internet for the next several months.  I only can conclude with this reality, I support Trump for Two reasons ... Supreme Court and He's NOT Hillary.

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