Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Captain Capitalism: Traits are No Substitutes for Accomplishments

 This is the best thing I have read in a long time

If you've been paying attention, you've noticed an increased amount of
insanity in the population.  This insanity manifests itself in many
ways, resulting in a relentless onslaught of what is seemingly an
incoherent potpourri of madness.

31 flavors of pansexual genders.

Why everybody else has "privilege" and should let blood for those who don't.

Interstates blocked by Black Lives Matters (though it is seemingly only white people).

Majoring in the world's easiest, but most worthless degrees...and then expecting a banker-like bailout.

Feminists carrying mattresses as they throw out false rape accusations.

Leftists getting raped by Muslim invaders...and doing nothing about it.

Priding oneself on going green as we ban plastic bags and Styrofoam.

Claiming we're black or native American when we're not.

Blaming your poverty, student loans, illegitimate children, and STD's on "CIS-gendered white males."

And the list goes on and on.

But while to the untrained eye there doesn't seem to be any logical
rhyme or reason to this insanity, there is most certainly is.  And once
you figure that out, it not only grants us sanity by explaining
precisely what is going on, it also allows us to actually attack the
problem, and hopefully, resolve it.

The first clue you should have is that NONE of this is coming from the
political right.  Triggly Puff, the student loan crisis, mattress girl,
blaming Orlando on Christians, refusing to report your Muslim rapist,
and accepting a monthly terrorist attack as "the new normal" are ALL,
100% the hallmarks and patents of the left.  You don't see the
engineer-majoring sons from nuclear families who likes Ronald Reagan
demand the taxpayers bail them out of their stupid mistakes.  You don't
see the daughters from father-present families who want to perhaps get
married and raise a stable family get raped and then not accuse her rapist
And you don't see your recent trade-school graduate who landed a job as
welder block traffic on an interstate like his 40 year old leftist
counterparts.  This insanity, and that's PRECISELY what it is, is all
owned by the left.

Now we can simply write them off as being leftists and, therefore
because we disagree with them politically, flippantly dismiss them and
say, "well, they're just crazy."  But the truth is there is something
much more pathological happening here.  And that is my "Universal Theory
of How Laziness Explains Everything in Politics and History."

It is no coincidence the cacophony psychotic behavior of today hails
from the left, because...well...quite simply...they're lazy.

They don't want to work.

They don't want to study hard subjects.

They don't want to try at life.

Be it Barack Obama or the spoiled suburbanite Seattle scum panhandling
in Pioneer Square, the left is simply lazy and doesn't want to work.

 Please read the whole thing

Captain Capitalism: Traits are No Substitutes for Accomplishments

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