Friday, July 29, 2016

Reason Is Not A Natural Human Gift

There are really two things at core here.  One is the idea of
objective truth and the other is that such objective truth trumps
personal perspective or feeling.  If you are travelling up in an
elevator and only have your eyes with which to gather data (assume the
elevator is moving slowly enough that your your inner ear, which gives
you a “sensation” of movement, is tricked) you are not moving – but the
objective truth is that you are in fact moving.  You can stand in the
elevator all day long and protest that you are not moving – but
eventually the doors open and you realize you have moved.  No amount of
“reasonable” discussion that from your perspective you did not move can
possibly change the fact that you have moved.

The mind can be tricked and often we trick it ourselves, generally
because we do not want to face the reality of some circumstance.  It
takes training and energy and practice to overcome the trickery of the
mind, whether self-induced or otherwise.  Most of us fail at some point
in that effort.  But if we do not keep trying, if we do not make the
effort, the kind of nonsense that spewed from that panel is the natural

Reason Is Not A Natural Human Gift « The Hugh Hewitt Show

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