Sunday, July 24, 2016

Top Ten Things I LIKE about Donald J Trump

10. He loves his family, seems to get along with his ex wives mostly and seems good to his children.  They seem to be OK.. so as a dad  he's been successful

9.  He has done some successful business deals.  Not always successful, heck I've had a few turkeys, so it's understandable.  So all in all having a man run for office who's actually signed the front of a paycheck is OK with me.

8.  He needs to make this work and not fall on his face.  So, if he becomes President he will work to not end up with egg on his face.  He understands the problems the USA is facing and will focus his attention on resolving them.  Immigration, crime, trade, economic disparity, regulation, bad legislation like Obamacare and education.  He may not succeed in all these, but at least he isn't living in la la land not comprehending the real issues.

7. He is loyal to a fault.  Look at how long it took him to get rid of  Corey Lewandowski for Paul Manafort.  This means that if he says to someone, I've got your back, he really does.  Honor matters to him.

6.  He is smart enough to know he doesn't know much.  He will surround himself with people who can get the job done.  It's how he runs his businesses.  I think in that way he is teachable.  Mike Pence is a real plus for him. 

5. He will be held to account to put constitutional conservatives on the court.  At least that's my hope.  The other party will not, that much is certain.  So we have a chance not to have a partisan goofball idiocy supreme court. 

4. While he knows the system, I don't believe him to be corrupt at the core.  I think he knows how to grease palms, but corruption is not how he made all his money, unlike Hillary and Bill Clinton.

3.  He is at his best as a leader.  He doesn't know how to follow.  That is a plus and a minus, but at a time when the USA has been under a weak passive aggressive strongman, it's time for a real alpha male at the helm.

2. He and his volatility will put fear in the hearts of many of our enemies, and that is a good thing.  We have the worst foreign policy execution in 50 years and the worst image around the world.  Our enemies and most of our global friends laugh at the USA as a paper Tiger.  Time to turn that around and that includes a strong military.  We are a bunch of helmet wearing bike riders.. not bull riders.

1.  This is the most important one, and the one that matters the most.  The number one reason I like Donald J. Trump is that he is NOT Hillary Clinton.  She at one time had the capacity to be a good President.  Would have been better than Obama 8 years ago.. but she has become a corrupt criminal and deserves to be in jail.  SO.. the number ONE THING I like about Donald Trump is he is NOT HILLARY.


Fallout said...

I like your list. I will add to his leadership abilities... he will lead in a positive a cheerleader which this nation needs desperately.

Fallout said...

Also, if you ever watched many episodes of The Apprentice, you would notice that though some of the firings were easier than others, he never took joy in doing it.