Monday, August 22, 2016

Clinton Foundation's Going out of Business Sale

The Clintons have said that IF she becomes President they will stop taking donations for the foundation (AKA CLINTON CRIME FAMILY)

That raises two important questions:

If it's inappropriate for them to take contributions from around the world if she becomes president, why was it NOT inappropriate for he foundation to take contributions from around the world when she was secretary of state.

It is demonstrated that those who contributed got favors. SO, isn't the message being sent right now to corrupt governments around the world:

"Get your donations in NOW while the foundation is still accepting and after I become President I'll see to it you get your favor.   It will be too late after I am president.  Only 78 days and this sale ends.  Get your money in NOW."
People KNOW this is going on, went on when she was Secretary of State... where is any media on this?

OH Yeah, Donald Trump said something mean and Ryan Lochte lied.

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