Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lester Holt impersonates Candy Crowley

Here are the five worst examples.

Tax returns. Holt never asked Clinton about her
e-mail scandal, about Benghazi, or about the Clinton Foundation and its
dubious dealings. But he did ask Trump about his tax returns, arguing —
not asking — that there might be questionable information in them that
the American public deserved to hear.

Birther conspiracy theory. Holt never asked Clinton about her past record
of racist statements, including her “super-predator” remarks as First
Lady, or her explicit appeal to “white Americans” in her 2008 primary
campaign against Obama. Yet he asked Trump about the Birther conspiracy
theory and cast it as racist.

Stop-and-frisk. After an exchange between the
candidates over the policy of “stop-and-frisk,” Holt interjected to
bolster Clinton’s point by stating, erroneously, that stop-and-frisk had
ended in New York because it had been declared unconstitutional by a
court. Trump countered, correctly, that the new mayor had canceled the
policy before the litigation was over.

“A presidential look.” Towards the end of the
debate, Holt asked Trump about what he meant by saying Hillary Clinton
did not have “a presidential look.” He did so after noting that Clinton
had become “the first woman” to be nominated for president by a major
political party, thus setting Trump up as a sexist. As Trump answered,
Holt interrupted him, then gave Clinton a chance to respond with her
talking points about Trump’s past comments on women.

Iraq War. The question of whether Trump supported
the Iraq War or not has been widely debated. What is beyond doubt is
that Hillary Clinton voted for it. Holt only represented one side of the
debate about Trump, and never asked Clinton about her own vote.

In addition, the audience repeatedly interjected — almost always in
Clinton’s favor — and Holt did not stop them, though it was against the
rules. He only stopped the audience when there were cheers for Trump
calling for Clinton’s emails.

5 Times Lester Holt Shilled for Hillary Clinton at First Debate

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