Monday, October 10, 2016


I saw a meme from a liberal friend of mine who was saying that under Barack Obama America is Great. I will go out on a pretty sturdy limb and say that under Barack Obama and his Predecessor George W. Bush the Nation has ceased to be GREAT. We have declined in every way:
--20 TRILLION dollars of National Debt Load double in 10 years.. Not Great
--Complete Collapse of competent Foreign Policy ... Not Great
--Homosexuality as a mainstream influence (used to be private) ... Not Great
--Filthy Talk, look at HBO.. you can't watch a movie without F... Not Great
--Military reduced to Meals on Wheels.. Not Great
--Homosex and Transexuals in your locker rooms.... Not Great
--Economic Growth under 3% for 8 years straight... Not Great
--Race wars, Race Riots, Race Tension not seen in 50 years... Not Great
--Women Marrying Women and Men Marrying Men... Not Great
--Abortion funded by your tax dollars to the tune of 500 mil per year..Not Great
--Baby dissected livers and brains sold by Planned Parenthood.. Not Great
--Corruption at the highest levels of Government ignored by DOJ and FBI.. Not Great
--Education from Primary to Higher Education has become an expensive joke ... Not Great
--Real Unemployment is over 12% in this country... Not Great.
--Nearly a Third of all americans who could work are not.. Not Great
--Most people on Food stamps and public assistance in history .. Not Great
--Crime in our nation is out of hand.. murders on the street ... Not Great
--Lowest level of business formation in 50 years because of government regulation... Not Great
--Lowest Level of Home Ownership in 40 years .... Not Great
--Automobile Manufacturing reduced to half it's size in the USA.. Not Great
--Disunity in Government such that there is no effective middle to compromise .. Not Great
--Destruction of our Health Care System by Obamacare.. Not Great
--Insurance premiums for middle americans double and triple .. Not Great
--Banking industry neutered by Dodd Frank.... Not Great
--Capitalism reduced to a pay to play crony capitalism system... Not Great
--States and Cities sent into bankruptcy by Government Mandates... Not Great.
--Enemies around the world no longer fear or respect us (Obama)... Not Great
--Free Speech on Campuses, in the public forum and in Churches is under threat.. Not Great
--People are giving up, suicide among veterans is rampant, .. Not Great
--Drug use is out of hand, rising in the last 16 years radically.. Not Great
--Marijuana is now legal in many states... Not Great
--Buying and Owning a Gun is now much more difficult... Not Great
--Assisting Iran in getting the BOMB... Not Great
--Open borders with millions of uneducated and hostile people pouring in..Not Great
--Islam becoming a staple of America and changing us all.. Not Great
--Rampant Terrorism on our streets by every kind of Terrorists. Not Great
--Money spent on stimulus that only served to funnel special interests like unions. Not Great I can promise you this, the spread of immorality, the decline of Christianity and attack on Patriotism is calculated to destroy us. It was Alinsky's plan and has been carried out effectively.
America is no longer great. It can be. It's YOUR choice. Choose well.

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