Saturday, October 15, 2016

Understanding the Rise of Trump and the Evil of the Establishment

The Civil War in which we are now engaged (YES WE ARE AT WAR) has two distinct sides. The Statists and the Rebels. There is no middle ground. You are either on one side or the other. You will have to choose. Neither side is perfect, but they are clearly defined not by geography as was the last civil war, but by philosophy. It is not yet a hot war (shooting and killing) but if our leadership in Washington doesn't back away from it's insanity, it will become one. Watching the recent protests tells me that those on the Statist side don't know how to pick their battles. When you look at who is protesting you see clearly the parts and pieces of the statist side.  They are all there. What they are succeeding in doing is making certain that those on the Rebel side are dug in and ready to go to war. I write this because of what I am seeing. It is a warning.  Things are heating up and I want to warn all who will hear.

Civil War implies a government fighting against a rebel faction of the people. But just who is on one side and who is on the other in our war? This Civil War is unlike its predecessors because of the breakdown of physical boundaries brought about by the rise of the Information Age. The fact that you are reading this on a computer and not in a book is why this is come to pass. Don't blame the technology. It only allows for what is already there to come to light. Light is our friend. Truth sets people free.  Here's how to understand the warfare.


THE STATISTS (Blue State Army) is made up of:

Politicians (of both parties) – Once in office, politicians of all philosophies and creeds move quickly towards giving away the treasury to assure their votes. They become part of the problem. This is all the way from the top to the Freshman Congressman. Money is corrupting out nation.

Unionized Government Workers – This includes everyone from the city level policeman and fireman, to the NEA teacher protesting on the Wisconsin Capital steps, to the SEIU (Service Employees International Union). The government union who wants to protect their big pay positions are ready to go to war. What makes this more painful is that many who were hired to serve and protect have now become pawns of the unions who represent them. Firefighters, Health Care, Police and other agencies who a generation ago were friendly to the population, have now become an agency of suppression by the statists. Follow the money. It controls them. If they have the wrong motives, they will succumb to the control of the statists and become the SS of the days to come. They represent a visible threat. There are many who will reject this and walk away from the statists.. but not enough.

Unions in General – Infused with socialist rhetoric for generations, backing the Democrat party almost exclusively, they have much to lose by a change in the status quo. They will fight to keep things as they think they are.

Government Check Recipients – This is at various levels from Food Stamps to Social Security to Medicare. Such a high proportion of Americans now derive a substantial portion of their income from the Federal government that it is unlikely this parasitic condition can end without killing the host. Even the formerly employed, once on years of unemployment benefits, become trained parasites and an army for the state.

Legacy Media – Conservative journalists are as rare as hen’s teeth. Fortunately, legacy media like the left-wing New York Times are in an economic death spiral because of Internet competition and sagging advertisement rates. However, they have made clear that they will go down with the ship supporting the state regime and progressive causes even at the expense of shareholders. They constitute the propaganda army.

Academia – Follow the money - beholden to government grants, which would substantially dry up as those who produce wealth rebel. That is why there is a constant push to show that only through a degree can people succeed, though higher education is now widely available in many alternate forms (Youtube). The entire Global Warming scam is an indication of how this can work. The worst are people with "college educations" who are ignorant of anything of consequence. Jimmy Kimmel makes constant fun of these people, but they are a danger in that they are still allowed to vote.

Racial minorities deceived by race baiters - who have self identified themselves as such for political purposes. Public attitudes have changed substantially regarding racial discrimination and laws are resilient enough that racial animus is not what drives the polarization of the races. Instead, it is a purposely implanted victimology that places some minorities in the progressive army. Those who have bothered to stay focused on work and education may indeed side with the side of independence because of cultural factors. There are misleaders who have made a living on keeping these minorities on their heels by crying racism at every turn. While the bulk of these communities have learned who and because of that their influence is reduced, they are still able to rile up the less informed and ignorant with cries of racism at every persevered slight keeping these minorities in bondage to a failed philosophy.

Bankers and related big business – Goldman Sachs and the too-big-to-fail banks have in essence become regulated utilities through the Dodd-Frank bill. They were bailed out by stimulus money and they are bankrupt. Many bankers would be in jail if their Mortgage Backed Securities had been properly valued. They are corporatist, not likely to side with rebels when we stand up. They benefit by supporting the statists who are now their masters.

Alphabet Agencies (FBI, BATF, FDA, DOJ, etc.) - The negative efficiencies of most federal agencies is apparent to anyone who deals with them. However, they have a vested interest in perpetuating themselves because their hordes of workers are essentially unemployable in the open market. They are for the most part useless drones, but in the civil war will stand with the statists, because that's who they are.

Career Criminals, Drug users, con artists and murderers, who un-coincidentally vote Democrat by large majorities when given a chance, will join the Army of the Blue Statists. When you are assailed in a parking lot, the odds are that you are being attacked by a Democrat. In that sense, random violence is not random but the priority of one political party to control the other through fear.

Anarchists and Radical Greens – Whenever you see riots at the G-8 Summits, you are looking at the army of anarchists. Un-coincidentally, their politics are all far.left. This is true of pro abortion protesters, homosexual rights protesters, gay marriage enthusiasts. They are radical statists with a cause.

THE REBELLION (The Red State Army) is made up of:

Small Business Owners – Actually, this should be unsubsidized business owners. For those not getting a government subsidy or those regulated next to extinction, there is no choice but to join a revolt against not only higher taxes, but against restrictive regulation. Not all business owners will be in this army. Many smaller businesses are beholden to the government and will try to stay under the radar. They can't and eventually will have to choose. Not all business owners will be in revolt, many are tied into the machine politics of big cities and have Stockholm syndrome.

Independent Contractors – Anyone who is self employed and pays for their own healthcare and retirement will be at the end of their rope as the second Great Depression grinds on. They will have no choice but to revolt against a system that tries to drive them into subservience.

Education Rebels – Those who have seen the negative influence of NEA run schools knows that they have to take their children out of the grand social experiment which turns their children into guinea pigs for progressive causes. Home and private schoolers are among these.

Racial Minorities (Caucasians, Asians, working class blacks and Hispanics) – The racial divide always brought up by progressives is false, but certainly a political divide exists with minorities. Conservative Blacks and Hispanics find welcoming arms amongst the Red state Rebels. Asians have not taken on the same victim status and also will see where their future lies.

Former Military – Former military members are by and large conservative and have at least a rudimentary knowledge of what their nation should stand for. They are unlikely to join any uprisings against the from a sense of honor and duty at the beginning, but will be a force if pressed.

Small Farmers – Made up of people who are instinctively independent, they will buck the tide of subsidies which prop up agribusiness.

Rural communities – Able to survive without as much support as urban areas which are also dominated by the left, the rural contingent actually prefers to survive without outside support.

Libertarians, Tea Party, True Independents – While based on concerns of fiscal problems and the debt, the Tea Party represents a broad swatch of Americans worried about the direction of the country. It is inaccurate to say that this s a militant movement, because it is certainly more law abiding than anarchist. However it is well armed and while extremely slow to provoke (despite its reputation) will certainly fight if cornered.

Gun Owners – Second Amendment advocates are well versed in why they are armed – not only as self protection against criminals but also against the state. This is what evens the odds against the industrialized Blue Army, the Red Army is already well armed.

People of Faith – Anyone who has a belief in God knows they are under assault. Slow to anger, a breaking point may be reached when the state attempts to enforce its indifference to the existence of evil. The entrenchment of a faux religious system like Islam (which is actually political) is ignored by the Blue Statists. The Red State Rebels know who the evil is.

There are other elements of the Blue and Red forces, but it won’t be hard for you to draw their own lines. It is obvious that there really are two groups who are diametrically opposed to each other’s plans and will have no choice but to slug it out for national control. Some is at the voting booth, but lacking that (and there is a chance that may be so) it will become all out war.

I don't want to see this, I pray it never happens, but it is on the horizon. It is critical that people I care about are not deceived by forces that would try to recruit you into a side where you do not belong. I invite you, COME JOIN THE REBELLION. We are out to change this nation, and the world for the better.

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