Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hillary Supporters - You aren't "Educated," You are Stupid

yes, some of us are very, very happy right about now. The following, however, is about and largely addressed to those who are very, very unhappy right about now.

Modern, young, metrosexual, multicultural, social justice mongering lefties are idiots. They are idiots wherever found, all over the world. They are spoiled children; ill-mannered, ill-bred, weak, ignorant, and stupid. They are historically illiterate. They have no idea of how the world really works. The only ideas they have outside of the fever swamps contained within their neutronium-dense skulls, filled to the brim with professorial sewage, are the kind of ideas that can only survive inside the echo chamber of a safe space.2 They are, frankly, disgusting, and the similarities between them and actual human beings are minimal. Morally, intellectually, spiritually, they are cockroaches. Were it not that some of them are possibly larval stage human beings, creatures who may eventually grow up to be actual human beings, there would be little or no moral component to gassing them.3

I mean, sure, the younger generation, every younger generation, not least mine, has been somewhat childlike until well past the onset of puberty. Indeed, the consensus of neuroscientists now seems to be that our brains aren’t actually adult until we reach our mid-twenties, or even later.4 But the lefty portion of this one is just special, in much the same way that kids riding the short bus are special.

So children, sit down, shut up, and listen; I’m going to explain to you why you didn’t get your childish fantasies handed to you by the adults, this time.

Hillary Supporters - You aren't "Educated," You are Stupid

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