Thursday, November 10, 2016

Signs of a Coming Economic and Social Explosion that will Lift All Boats

A rising tide lifts all boats unless you insist on putting a hole in the bottom of yours. No one needs to be left out of the coming economic Revival unless you insist on being ostracized marginalized and left behind. Economic Opportunity is color blind opportunity execution is a choice

 I know several people who went GALT after Obama was elected in 2008. Many privately say they're going to get back into business because it's safe again. This will mean jobs a lot of jobs

The Supreme Court will become safer for business Market observation.

Bank stocks are moving radically higher on the prospect that much of the insane Dodd-Frank regulation and other banking regulations will be repealed by a TRUMP Administration,. thank God

Copper and silver both of which are Industrial Metals (not gold) are moving up

As a stock market Watcher here's a couple of interesting moves that have taken place since Trump election. If you will recall President Obama before the election announced that he was going to stop using private prisons. Those stocks had been crushed with that announcement even below their base asset value. Since Trump has been elected those stocks are soaring. I'm not sure that's great because I'm not a big fan of private prison. But it is interesting. The other sector that is interesting are gun stocks. Gun stocks we're high and going higher during the Obama Administration. people were buying guns like crazy. When it looked like Clinton was going to win with her second amendment animosity gun stocks continued to soar. With the election of trump they have plummeted. I think we are going to see some sales and discounting on guns. Make America safe again.

I am like hundreds of thousands of Small Business Owners across America. Breathing a sigh of relief. Making plans RIGHT NOW to expand my business, hire a least a half dozen more people. Build out. Multiply me by a couple hundred thousand and American becomes even greater. That is the power of optimism.

It's morning in AmericaAND the STOCK MARKET CLOSED TODAY AT A RECORD HIGH... The business community loves this

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