Sunday, October 21, 2007

What J I Packer Said

I expected him to be profound.  He was.
He taught from Genesis 32.  Jacob at the brook Jabboth which he named the place, Penuel.
I know the story well.  Have preached it myself.  But he threw me a curve when he said that Jacob in that story would have to be over 60 years old.
The point he made was this, Jacob needed forming, even at his age.  He was touched by the Theophany of  Jesus in the hip and limped probably with a cane the rest of his life.
Perhaps that was the point.  Sometimes we struggle against God and he has to allow us to be touched in the place we need to be.  This is good theology. 
Seems like we usually are touched or allowed to be injured in the very places where we most need to be based on our prejudices and needs.  For instance if you are bad with money, God will allow you to be touched in the hip joint in which you need to be touched.   If we are mostly angry you will be touched in that area.
So ask yourself, where am I being touched to where I might have to walk with a limp, permanently wounded. 
It's the area that you need touching in and will make you most like Jesus.
People are always asking to receive a touch from the Lord.  If they understood better they might be more careful.


Dr. Barry L. Kolb said...

I have often said, "this man gets more out of a small package than anyone I have ever met." Glad you got to hear him--and that I did as well!

Dr. Barry L. Kolb said... a limpy old man...I think I get what he was talking about!