Wednesday, June 04, 2014

"Don't do Stupid Sh*t"

I hope no one is fooled by all this.   The deserter for terrorist swap was all about "look there's a squirrel".  This deal has been in the oven a long time.. it was a matter of when not if.  When the Veterans fiasco was reaching it's fever pitch of outrage Suddenly..... LOOK THERE'S A SQUIRREL!  It was so handy.. and all big O had to do was pull the trigger when you most expect it. 

Of course I don't think he believed the outrage over this was going to be of this vigor.  That the fact that six men died trying to free the deserter and that five of the most evil of the Taliban are now back home as heroes was going to be thought of as a BAD THING. 

And that Photo Op Hug in the Rose Garden.. who decided THIS was a good plan?  I mean... the Duck Dynasty refugee (Apologies to Phil and company) speaking bad Arabic... YIKES.  The ticker tape parade has been canceled.

OK... shows over folks.  We are humiliated as a nation.  The Taliban won again.  We have once again watched clumsy people trying to do Foreign Policy in spite of the fact that in the White House the posted command is (this is not fiction) direct from the President of the United States,  "DON'T DO STUPID SH*T".   It's really there.  I guess the President needs a fresh copy of his own directive. 

Let's get back to seeing to it our veterans are taken care of.  Get the focus back on the inanity of government run health care.  Let's take care of the widows and fatherless children of those brave 6 who lost their lives trying to "save" the deserter.

I hate that our government is run by the incompetent for the satisfaction of the ignorant.  I forgive you for voting for him.. I hope you learned your lesson.

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