Sunday, June 01, 2014

What President Obama Cannot Be Impeached for.. so to my Right Wing Friends.. stop accusing him of this...

Obama cannot be impeached for:
  • Inexperience
  • Incompetence
  • Weakness
  • Being a Sissy
  • Having a Bossy Wife
  • Saying Really Stupid Things
  • Ignorance of anything regarding free enterprise or economics
  • Blindness to the errors of those around him
  • Having lousy advisers on his staff and Cabinet
  • Being suckered into every racist claim that comes down the pike
  • Believing in the fairy godmother when it comes to prisoner exchanges
  • Having terrible foreign policy instincts
  • Trying to write laws when he has not power to do so... (he can if no one stops him)
  • Blaming Guns for everything from Meatless to STDs
  • Looking like a wimp on a bike wearing a bike helmet
  • Being sucker punched by every world leader on the planet (who laugh at him)
  • Wearing mom jeans when throwing out a first pitch
  • Playing golf all the time...
  • Not understanding the NSA and it's wiretaps
  • Having Joe Biden as VEEP (it's his job insurance)
  • Bowing to tyrants (Saudi Arabia)
  • Having very strange beliefs for a Christian
  • Being blind to every form of racism from the black community
  • Believing that regulation can solve anything
  • Buying into the lie of man made global climate change
  • Not having any idea about the military as commander in chief
  • Thinking that the pixie dust of wind and solar power is any solution and better than keystone
  • Having very little understanding of science at all and yet using his power to influence it
  • Being a bit lazy
  • Believe all the Press Releases about himself from the liberal media.  No he's not that smart, clever or good - and he has a Nobel prize to prove it

And about a hundred more... none of these are impeachable... so back off.

Sometimes the USA just has to endure these things... We might even get thru it.

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