Sunday, February 08, 2015

We can Beat Isis... IF we have a leader who wants to beat Isis:

Arm the Kurdish Fighters with all they need. We have plenty to send them. Give them the tools required to make it happen. They will.

Sell the Jordanians all the Drones they need to figure out where Isis is holed up so they can bomb effectively.

Get out of anything having to do with Syria. Let Assad, Jordon and the Kurds handle that.

Offer big rewards for dead or alive for the leadership we know of in ISIS. Start with the executioner John. Make them wanted men and make them want to fear.

Turn our secret service and special forces loose. Make ISIS fearful to walk around a corner. Don't try to fight this with some volunteer from Alabama. Loose all the Chris Kyle types on them. Build real fear in them.

Figure out where the money flows are and crush them. IF we find anyone buying oil from them or selling them anything, they are a co conspirator. They are guilty and we are at war with them. Make that a death sentence.

Never again post any photo, video or announcement meant to instil fear in people. Don't allow our "Press" to do the work as effective propaganda distribution. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Stop the fear. Post the atrocity, but not the propaganda that goes with it.

Make it clear to anyone who joins themselves to ISIS that they are now an enemy of the state, they have no place to return to, if we capture them or if they try to return they will be tried for war crimes and executed when found guilty. We have to take away the heroism factor and the adventure.

This will not be won by mealy mouthed indeterminate leadership as we have today. They don't even know what side they are on.

Someone needs to say, CHOOSE THIS DAY WHO YOU WILL SERVE.. they gotta serve someone. There is no middle ground. The devil and his demons are driving Islam in this. The choice should be clear. But to the muddled mind, the schizophrenic mind, there is only an uncertain trumpet named Obama.

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