Monday, September 07, 2015

Kris Vallotton on Kim Davis

Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk, refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals. She choose to be jailed instead.

I admire people willing to go to jail for what they believe. Martin Luther King Jr went to prison for his convictions and later gave his life for them. But his sacrifice resulted in freedom for the African American people.

Religious freedom is being threatened in our country under the guise of gay prejudice. I am sorry, but whether you believe homosexuality is right or wrong, it is not an ethic group. Nor is there ANY evidence that it is genetically predetermined; it's a behavior, which many (including myself) believe is immoral.

Let me make it clear, homosexuality is no worse than adultery, pornography, fornication, pedophilia or any other immoral behavior, but it's no better, either.

So what's the big deal? The big deal is that nobody is trying to force Christians, Muslims, etc. to embrace any other immoral act as normal, healthy or okay.

America is about to wake the sleeping giant. She will fill every prison and every jail in this country with people with strong moral convictions. They will refuse to give up their right to decide their own moral convictions. Neither will they violate their conscience for the sake of their government.

Our country was founded on the foundation of religious freedom. It is guaranteed by our constitution.

You might not be religious, and I respect that, but our founding fathers were. If you are living in America, you need to know that it is "One Nation, Under God" (not gods). It's in this context that there is "liberty and justice for all." That's right, Christians gave you the right to choose!

When you take away a Believers right to live out their convictions, you are attacking the very foundations on which our country was established.

When our founding fathers separated church and state, they were not trying to keep the church out of the state! (Every American founding document has God embedded in it). They were trying to keep the state out of the church. Remember, we won our freedom from the British, whose government controlled their churches (not the other way around).

When state mandates undermine religious freedom, the separation of church and state has been violated in a way that our constitution was mean to prevent!

This isn't just about morality; it's about freedom of religion.

If you are "gay" in this county, you need to remember that it was the Christian value for freewill that gave you the right to behave as you choose.

There are no "gay rights" in communist China, homosexual is illegal in Russia, and in every Muslim nation in the world!

But in this nation, we believe in freedom; but one person's freedom must not imprison another person freewill, especially the freedom to practice their God given convictions as they see fit.

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