Tuesday, September 08, 2015


There are many things good about President Obama.  I think he is sincere in his warped view of the world.

He certainly loves his wife and children.

He loves to have a good time and can yuck it up. He can be very funny.

He Broke the Color Barrier for a black President.. it may be a while till the next.. but he did break it.

He demonstrates real humanity sometimes.  Not often enough in my opinion, but he is able to do so.

When the Nation needed a dose of HOPE and CHANGE no matter how it came out he was there to build the belief that things could be better.  Right man at the right time.

He has been pretty much an extension of George W Bush's Presidency.  He didn't make a lot of radical moves quickly and he has been gracious not to directly criticize GWB.. even when he could have.

He has been quick to point to police abuses, there are some and they need to be pointed out.

So there is much to like and admire about him.  YET there is the other side of the scale, the one that his supporters never seem to see or understand.  He is a deeply flawed egotistical narcissist.  Not unlike Donald Trump.  For that reason, he continues to make mistakes that are profoundly damaging to the nation and the world.

His whole middle east demeanor, encouraging Arab Spring, helping to take out Ghadaffi in Libya leading to the Benghazi affair.

Allowing the EPA and it's global warming insanity to run unchecked.  They are economic terrorists.

Amplifying the race issues in this nation where we are now so divided, worse than in 40 years, and he blames everyone but himself.

Announcing withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan which expanded the war, created an international crisis and encouraged the rise of ISIS while he has tried to arm them against Assad Syria.  All the while NOT supporting our only real ally there, the Kurds.  He is unique in always picking the wrong side.  His lack of support for the current Egyptian government is weird.

His economic policies have been catastrophic for the nation. He is an unsure hand.  He doesn't have advisers who know what they are doing.

He has been suckered in negotiations again and again and again. He seems to be unique in his incompetence and lack of will.  The international stage thinks he is a fool.  Russia has no respect for him at all.  He is a guppy for every wave that goes by.

His lack of faith in free enterprise wrapped up in his deluded "You didn't build that" mantra.

All this blundering while he champions Islam in America, Homosex marriage, Queers in the Military, Abortion by the dead baby sellers and using the IRS to crush dissent, free speech and religious freedom.  His Justice department is entering the KY County Clerk Fiasco.  He is on the wrong side of almost everything.

He was inexperienced when he took office.  We all understood this was going to be On the Job training since his whole life he had never had a real job and he was raised in a sheltered environment.  His competence has not much improved.  He's not a quick learner.

His legacy after being weighed will be rough on him.  Real history will treat his time in office ultimately NEGATIVE for the catastrophe it has been. Oh, we'll survive him, I don't know if we can survive the fools that voted for him.. twice.  The fact that they are still allowed to vote puts our nation at risk.

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