Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Post-Obama America

Obama has only fifteen months remaining in the White House, and
stopping implementation of some of his most harmful measures by refusing
to fund their implementation is the best, and only, response to a
President who proceeds as if he is the sole branch of government.

For America to work again, Congress has to work the way it was
intended, and that means reasserting their prerogatives.  Whether that
be through insisting that the treaty ratification process be followed,
or by setting the nation’s spending priorities in very specific ways to
stop Obama’s executive overreach, the next three weeks will be
instrumental in determining if the leaders of the legislative branch
will fight to swing the balance of power back toward the vision upon
which our nation was founded.

Stay tuned, while the “fights” in Congress may seem like spinning
wheels, in the end, they have real meaning for post-Obama America.The Post-Obama America

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