Thursday, September 17, 2015

The War isn't Coming, it's HERE!

We are entering a war for the survival of America. Back in the day
issues would rise up, and America would address them. Like the riots of
the sixties. One issue, civil rights. Even WWII was one issue. It’s
different now. Then entire world seems to have decided our day has come
and gone, and those with agendas think they have a better idea. There
are new enemies. The funny people that we used to laugh at in Bob Hope
movies are now killing pretty girls and leaving their bodies dashed on
the rocks. Mexicans who once slipped over the border to pick oranges
suddenly have become a political force. Martin Luther King has been
replaced by raving maniacs who want to kill everything lighter than

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who will ignore a
lump in the middle of their forehead, and those who take action. Let’s
do some math. Most people in this country, well at least 51%, just want
to live, work, and retire. We hire people like politicians, police, and
doctors to see after things that we can’t while we work those jobs and
fund everything. We are NOT sheep, NOT fools, and NOT stupid. We built
cars, buildings, raised wheat, cows, and our kids, and didn’t care which
direction some camel jockey prayed to. When a national threat came we
drafted our young men, and they went OVER THERE and shot them folks up,
and then came home to build more cars, buildings, and grow more wheat.
And the world hated us for it.

Europe is nothing but a bunch of weak, stupid, liberal girly-men who
shoot their mouths off until a real man (like Hitler) comes along and
bytch-slaps them back to reality. While they were poking fun at us the
refugee invasion just walked in and took command. Hitler would be
spinning in his grave, if he had one. He’d think, “Shucks, I wasted all
those bullets? All I had to do was tell the German people to just walk
across the Polish border and move in!” Europe is getting exactly what it
deserves. They devalued their currency with the Euro, nullified their
government, refused to fully support us in any war, except the ones
where THEIR arses were on the line, married homosexuals, smoked dope,
and now they stand back in snake amazement as a bunch of illiterate
religions nuts take over their streets. I’m a simple old boy from
Austin, not a STUPID old boy from Austin! 

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The War isn't Coming, it's HERE! - Tea Party Tribune - Tea Party Tribune

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