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In case you don't understand what just happened in Canada

Lance Wallnau
Christians In Canada Shocked - and Getting Ready!
First (in September), the Christian Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott got thrust out of office. He was a friend of Israel and Pro-Family leader. Same-sex activists found a candidate to unseat him. Christian leadership in Australia did nothing noticeable in the way of a unified voice to stand with the beleaguered Prime Minister.
I’m curious if anyone knows if Hillsong or any other mega churches did anything to help Abbott? I could have missed something, but my guess is that they follow the American model of cautious disengagement with the gates of Hell in all matters of potential media backlash.
Last night another Christian conservative leader was taken off the world stage: Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada. Harper was ousted by Canada's photogenic 43 year old Liberal candidate, Justin Trudeau. While Liberal news media heralds this as a “late surge to a stunning majority victory on Monday” the truth is Liberals won only 39.5% of the popular vote. The other parties all fragmented the rest of the vote. This 39.5% was enough to topple Harper's Conservatives. It was the same number (39%) that put Harper in office.
Could Canadian Christians have made a difference? I’m not sure there they have any large churches like Australia. Hey Canadians – let me know.
My point is this: I am tracking the movement of SHEEP and GOAT NATIONS and seeing a pattern in the USA, Australia, and Canada.
Harper was very strong on two fronts: ‪#‎proIsrael‬ and an equally strong ‪#‎profamily‬ man. He understood the threat of Islam and knew how to prosper the nation economically.
DID GOD BLESS CANADA? (during Harper's administration)
1. Their vast oil resources kept them from feeling the global recession that hit the world in 2008 and shielded them from an economic downturn, low growth, and high consumer debt. They ended up bailing out no industries (other than the U.S. auto dealers).
2. Taxes got lower every year and the government ran a surplus.
3. Burdensome regulations were slashed and tax codes were rewritten to encourage business investment and pro-family policies.
4. Abroad, Canada took the fight to ISIS with a reinvigorated military, standing side by side with Israel and against aggression from the mullahs of Iran and Vladimir Putin's Russia.
But people got bored and media was grinding away at potential scandals from others in office in Harper's party.
One Canadian journalist says: “When Harper introduced anti-terror legislation called C-51, or "Canada's Patriot Act," after prominent attacks inspired by radical Islam, the wing nuts of Canada's left came out of the woodwork, painting the Prime Minister as a tyrant in the making.”
“His inaction on climate change -- a shrewd move for a near-petro state -- enraged the ecowarriors.
But the final straw came when Harper took a stand for an inclusive, but fully westernized and assimilating Canada -- banning the niqab, or face veil, from being worn at citizenship swearing-in ceremonies. The din of the "culturally sensitive" left's cries was deafening -- "racist," "Islamophobe" and "anti-immigrant" entered the normally polite Canadian discourse.”
Trudeau will fix this and move things in the opposite direction.
Justin Trudeau has a 6 point plan:
1. He plans to create 10 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR OF DEBT FOR 3 YEARS to build infrastructure, funded by…
2. Lower cost education (paid for by more taxes)
3. He also is seeking to expand the power of the LGBTQ2 community (who keeps adding letters and numbers faster than I can figure them out.) It’s not enough that Christians fear jail for preaching the Word of God, they now must face an administration looking for perceived evidence of “inequality” which of course means any place Liberals don’t feel they have equal access to. In the Liberal world, there are no boundaries. The State (and its special interests) owns it all.
Plus three important additional Trudeau commitments that warm the cockles of the heart in Liberals worldwide:
4. A decision to back out of military action against ISIS and a focus on humanitarian effort essentially increasing 25,000 more Muslims through immigration into Canada while re-establishing warm ties with Iran - (wonder what this will produce? No doubt if Islam comes into this warm Liberal embrace it will become happily adjusted. Canadian Liberals have evidently avoided reading what Islam thinks of gender equality let alone same-sex unions. Or observed what is happening in EU. Proof positive that Liberals are in fact crazy.)
5. An increased focus on the real threat to mankind – not jihad or beheadings or nuclear weapons, but - climate change.
6. Legalizing Marijuana! Let's free it up people.
Israel has two less friends now that Canada and Australia have veered into reverse. These two former “Sheep Nations” are undergoing a period of direct satanic pressure in the guise of “politics.”
Hell is trying hard to turn America, Australia and Canada into “Goat Nations” through a process of Liberal transformation. I don’t think it will succeed - but won't be stopped till the Christian community gets its head clear on why it keeps losing ground. Till then it will not be able to make a stand. We need to learn how to penetrate the 7m Gates of Influence (where the Gates of Hell are located).
Will we continue losing ground and time by escaping into paperback books about the Rapture and the illusion of progress reinforced by hearing us tell each other “testimonies” about what God is doing out there somewhere? We will know we are scoring points when the opposition starts complaining. They are silent because we are not a problem.
“As the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of pottery, so some of the kingdom will be strong and part of it will be brittle. And in that you saw the iron mixed with common clay, they will combine with one another in the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, even as iron does not combine with clay” (Daniel 2:43).
Daniel was describing the succession of world empires that ended with the ten toes of the feet and Rome. The ten toes refer to 10 kings. Iron and clay must refer to two incompatible systems of government – ruled by these kings.
Nations are shaped by their High Places. The high places of politics and law and media and education will keep on disciplining once strong democracies and turn them into weak Nation-States of “clay” mingled with the Antichrist system of “iron” as Daniel saw.
We are watching the weakening of once pro-Christian nations. These nations will soon be too fragile to stand up against the unified and disciplined ranks of an emerging new order. Will this be a “caliphate” as Islam extremist’s desire? A new Asian order with China at the hub?
One thing is certain, if this election loss in Canada and the election loss in Australia are not on the TOP of your radar – you are missing the real global chess game between heaven and hell. “While men slept” an enemy was at work planting his key people into nations. Weak democracies are now becoming fragile.
I don’t expect many leaders to like what I am saying. We need a radical shift in the way the Christian community operates. This change will be wildly disruptive to the status quo of what is working for most ministries and churches – at least for now.
But how many of you are willing to join me in the struggle to break the spell that is over the church worldwide? The wake up call I have in mind could produce an Awakening of a different sort. Think of a book like “Harbinger” only with an actual action plan for mobilizing believers – AS ONE.
Canadian friends unite. Australian friends unite. American friends unite. It is time for an unusual move of God.
The next verse in Daniel says: "In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever" (Daniel 2:44).
"In the days of those kings" – the move of God will hit a crescendo! God is raising up His underground now.
What do you say? Australia, Canada, and the United States, and Great Britain are SHEEP NATIONS and who else out there is a Sheep Nation?
Where are the Giant killing sheep like David who cried out: “The Lord is my Shepherd!” Where are these killer sheep?

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