Friday, October 23, 2015

The 44% and Hillary Clinton

I watched SOME of the 11 hour Benghazi Hearings yesterday. I didn't nor couldn't watch the whole thing. I have things to do.

Here is what I came away with.

There are 44% of the voters who think she nailed it.  Did great.  Humiliated the committee members and would vote for her even if she showed up in a red suit, pitchfork and forked tail spewing fire from her mouth.   Some of them even believe they are christians.  These people wouldn't vote for a conservative no matter what.  They voted for Barack Obama dutifully but if Ben Carson became the candidate would never vote for him.  So the idea that black folk voted for Obama because he was black (as their only motivation) is overridden by the fact that they would not vote for Ben if he walked on water, healed the sick (which he did, medically), raised the dead (not yet), walked thru walls (not to my knowledge) and lived a perfect sinless life (don't think so, but jury's out)

Those 44% BELIEVE they are objective, informed, wise and doing the right thing.  They are actually mind numbed robots who would vote for a democrat dog over any Conservative. They are slaves and remain so.  Even if all evidence of evil is everywhere in the Democrat party (See Planned Parenthood and a zillion other gross errors, Homosex Marriage, Gays in the military, legal dope and destruction of the world we once knew)... they still will vote not their morals or conscience but their slavish democrat loyalty.  This has never done them a lick of good.. but that matters not at all.  The Mainstream Media, the New York Times, MSNBC and lots of other folks feed these people propaganda designed to make them immune to any persuasion.


There are 44% of the electorate that would not vote for Hillary Clinton or any democrat for President no matter what they did (or didn't do).  They are hard core.  All the things I just said about Ben Carson, if any democrat were to do all those things, it wouldn't matter.  They are going to vote for a conservative no matter anything. The Trumpster is evidence of that.  The problem is the base is split, but they are NOT going to go to the Democrats, they will go to a third party or nothing.  If the 44% who despise Hillary Clinton would have all gone out to vote in 2012 Barack Obama would not be President today.  No matter what the Republican leaders have done to offend the 44%, they still remain.  There is no where else to go.  The 44% believe themselves to be thinkers, impartial, willing to take contrary opinion under consideration. But they are a full on narrow as the 44% that is hard core Democrat.  By the way, I AM PART OF THE 44% conservative and or Republican wing. The talk radio, blogosphere, Fox (kinda) news which is more fair and unbalanced than I would like, and other ways feeds and drive this division.  No matter the blunders the Conservatives and Republicans have made, and there are many, these 44% remain steadfast.

Compromise is not possible.  It just isn't.  Who folds? No one will.  I won't. So I'll stay in my echo chamber and you stay in yours.  You are wrong.  You think I am wrong.  You are thick headed.  You think I am thick headed.  Your confirmation bias does not allow for anything other than your opinion being right.. and ditto for me.  So we are at odds in a cold civil war.

That leaves 12% of the electorate who can be persuaded.  Swing voters.  What I fear about them is anyone who hasn't yet made up their mind, who is not solidly and morally centered, someone who doesn't buy the lies of the left (or the right) is not wise enough to vote.  They are blown around by every political wind.  They voted for Obama in 2008... the wind was blowing. Some of them are now on the Trump bandwagon. Wishy Washy people who don't know what they believe. Some even think they are Republicans (Cue the laugh track).

This is a battlefield of ideas.  One must win. The other must lose. Compromise is not possible, ever.  I know what side I am on.  There is no middle ground.  There is no neutral zone.  You can't retreat from the war.  You must know what you believe and fight for it.  Anything less is surrender monkeydom.  The 44% left wing hard core must be defeated, destroyed, demeaned and made the clown show we see demonstrated by the Candidates they have put forth for 2016.  BERNIE SANDERS.  Of course as a left winger, if you are part of the 44% on the other side.. you have an equal and opposite view. You are wrong of course.. but never mind.  You must be defeated, no compromise.  But I think I said that already.

The 12% are actually dangerous... look what they have given us now.. YIKES

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