Saturday, March 19, 2016

I have lived this and it's true

If you are flat broke with no way out or no way up, if all you have is change in your pockets you are uniquely positioned for a powerful success in life.. IF you want to. I speak from experience in this area, been broke twice and wealthy three times. Daymond John is preaching to at least this Choir Boy.. How about you? Do you have it in you to get up.. You have the power if you are flat broke. Here are some truths from Daymond:
1. You have to come up with something when you have no money and this forces an authentic creativity. There are things you learn from hustling and grinding you cant learn from a book, there is long term power in this knowledge.
2. Learn the core concepts of business and sales as they never change but be willing to try new approaches and use the core knowledge as your base of knowledge.
3. Understand power and where it comes from meaning how do you get attention and then use it for your product or service. Those who have the attention have the most power.
4. Being hungry keeps you focused, it’s easy to lose focus on what is important and chase other ideas or get pulled away from the core concept or idea. Some people or businesses try to do too much too soon and lose sight of what they started out as.
5. There is invaluable valuable knowledge to be learned in the struggle. The struggle of being broke helps shape ideas for the future and for the good of the product or the service being offered. Easy money may be easy to squander.
6. Understand the power of proof for the buyer. Social proof is huge and understanding what people want is important. Sometimes you have to come up with a more original idea to make it happen.
7. Sometimes you have to do the things you don’t want to do but need to do in order to find the success in the middle of the chaos.
8. Most people will never take the steps necessary out of fear of what others may think.
9. Most people fear adversity when it is exactly what they need to find the hunger or the reason why to move on.
10. Think about the assets you already have and how they can be used for the product or service.
11. Be willing to trade and help others out, they may need to be there for you at some other time. This means make sure to build a network of people for a future infrastructure.
12. Learn the power of making a deal and living up to it.

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