Friday, March 18, 2016

Kriston Couchey WHO CAN PILOT? An apolitical allegory.

The stewardess walked back to cabin area and spoke to the passengers and said, "The captain will soon be ineligible and unable to pilot this plane, we need a pilot! You Ma'am on the left, are you a pilot?" "Well, no." she replied, "But, my husband was a pilot, and I worked for the current pilot on foreign affairs and flew a a lot!"

The stewardess replied, "Sorry Ma'am, we need a pilot for this plane. You sir on the right, are you a pilot? "Well, no I am not," The man responded, but I have held this plane and it's pilot hostage and almost sent in down in flames, Wielding that kind of power makes me eligible to fly the plane!" 

"Sorry sir, that's terrorism, not piloting. You sir on the far left, are you a pilot?" she asked. "Well no, but when I get the chance to take the controls I am going to make it so everyone can go to pilot school for free, and everyone has an opportunity to be a pilot."

"That's is a nice goal to have, but you are not a pilot, we need a pilot on this plane."

"You sir, in first class, are you a pilot?" The man responded, "No I am not a pilot, but I have given a lot of money to them and the crew, and they usually do what I want them to do. I can pilot this plane by the power of money and tell the plane and crew where to go and they will go there and I will make it fly great again!"

"Thanks, sir, but pushing your financial weight around won't make this plane fly, and just telling it what to do won't do make it stay in the air."

"Sir, you in the center aisle, are you a pilot?" The man replied, "Why yes I am a pilot right now. I can pilot this plane." She replied, "Well that is good sir, but it seems you do not have a license in any state but Ohio and no other state wants you to fly this plane there."
There is only one sure pilot for your life. Think about it.

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