Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Seven Deadly Sins of an Entrepreneur

  • The Operational Sins: Those which reduce your personal effectiveness as an owner and leader.
    • Lust: Allowing whim du jour to drag the company in differing directions. (Counteracting behavior: A Personal Vision.)
    • Gluttony: Hoarding all authority and decision-making for yourself. (Delegation)
  • The Tactical Sins: Those which denigrate the effectiveness of your organization.
    • Sloth: Settling for “good enough.” (Metrics and Benchmarking)
    • Wrath: Using adrenaline to drive performance. (Planning)
    • Greed: Addressing any problem with more effort or more intensity. (Budgeting)
  • The Strategic Sins: Those that prevent long term vision and improvement.
    • Envy: Thinking that no one else has your problems. (Outside advice and knowledge)
    • Pride: Believing that you are the single most important factor in your company. (Exit Strategy)
The sins are addressed in order. Dealing with the Operational Sins allows you to tackle the Tactical problems. Strategic improvement is only possible if you’ve first dealt with Tactical issues.
The Seven Deadly Sins of an Entrepreneur are an excellent mnemonic for considering your own behavior and those of your company.  Keep them in mind as you run your business day-to-day.

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