Thursday, May 05, 2016

Ted Cruz: Why He Lost

“He’s got the whole establishment p**sed off at him, so
they didn’t rally to him as the alternative,” says former Virginia
representative Tom Davis, who has endorsed John Kasich. “They sat on the
sidelines with their hands in their pockets.” That’s because, according
to the GOP aide, supporting him “would establish a new model for how
ambitious young senators would behave in the Republican party that’s
totally intolerable for the establishment-senator types.”

At a press conference on Tuesday morning, his final day on the
campaign trail, Cruz let loose on Trump, calling him a “serial
philanderer” and a “pathological liar” and concluding, “Morality doesn’t
exist for him.” But the Republican establishment and the party’s voters
knew that, and they chose Trump over Cruz anyway.

Ted Cruz: Why He Lost | National Review

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