Monday, August 08, 2016

I need to administer a serious Dope Slap in the Love of Jesus to those who post certain things and expect us to believe you.

1. Some of the most outrageous stories about Hillary or Trump are on their face ridiculous. Please refrain from being an idiot. She isn't killing babies in the back yard and he isn't hauling truckloads of migrants and Muslims across any borders. There is enough reality and truth to do a proper indictment of the candidate you oppose. Crying babies and the fact that he took a purple heart from someone is a stupid reason for outrage against Trump. Get real. No one thinks you are serious. SMH

2. If you are going to vote for Hillary Clinton then say so... be courageous and don't pretend that you ALMOST were persuaded like King Agrippa. You pretend conservatives and fake republicans who find ways to be outraged by everything about Trump are so transparently phony, no one believes you. Go for your candidate, we'll forgive you later. This goes double for those who are say they are going to vote third party. You think you are voting for a third party but a vote for Stein or Johnson has a vote for Hillary or Trump connected to it. It's all an illusion. Don't get all upset about this or that and expect us to believe you have any integrity. From now on when I see this I will post this meme in your comments section. Get real please.

3. For those of you who are still angry that Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Kasich, or Fiorina isn't the candidate, PLEASE take a cold shower, face the facts that Donald Trump is the only alternative to Hillary Clinton we have. If you can't do that you belong in the admonition to number 2 above. Wishy Washy faux outrage is useless now. We only have one opponent in this election. I don't love Trump, but I cannot see Hillary Clinton as President. She is dangerous and destructive. If you don't see that, please see number two.

4. Stick to the real issues. Trump is NOT going to nuke anyone. Clinton is not going to give away free college or make abortion mandatory. The facts, the real facts are bad enough than to let the mainstream media tell you want to think.

Truth is always a casualty in these campaigns. When you hear the candidates speak, you have to know that the second after they are elected they will abandon half of what they are promising. Right now Trump is talking about free trade and canceling NAFTA. He can't do that. A second after taking the oath of office he will back away from that campaign promise.

This is a great time to grow up and face facts. This campaign compared to many I have lived thru is so docile it's boring. People are much nicer to one another than ever before. Living a long time gives you that perspective.

Yet this election matters. I will do my best to post truth about the candidate I oppose, Hillary Clinton. I will allow the candidate I will vote for to carry his own water. I have said it before, if people really knew the real Donald Trump behind the curtain and if they knew the real Hillary Clinton behind closed doors, Hillary would be at 10% in the polls. She's that bad. She must not be President.

Think of the 300 Spartans who Died at Battle of Thermopylae. There were many who did not want to take a stand and it cost them greatly. Get a backbone and say out loud what you stand for.