Sunday, August 07, 2016

How Loretta Lynch Responded to the Horsehead in her Bed

        AG Loretta Lynch was headed to Aspen, Co from Washington DC for a speaking engagement, a distance of around 1500 miles in almost a direct line East to West. The Government plane she was flying in was a G5 with a range of 6500 miles. Question is why she would go to Phoenix first which is 600 miles South of Aspen then go North to Aspen from Phoenix. She did not need to stop in Phoenix for fuel because if she had flown direct, fuel would not be necessary. In fact, do the math, the G5 has the range to make that round trip without refueling?

        Why was Bill waiting for Lynch's plane to land in Phoenix when she was going to Aspen? That meeting was planned to put the Clinton Fix on and some guy who worked at the FBO in Phoenix, called his friend who was an Anchor at the local ABC Station (that is a shocker) and then he verified the meeting with a second independent source at the airport. Ms Lynch said  "They talked for half an hour about grand kids and golf".    

Loretta Lynch does not have any grand kids and doesn't play golf.

At Least she hasn't committed Suicide Yet...   So the fix was in and that my friends is how the Clinton Crime Family plays Hardball. 

Tony Soprano? Amateur!!!!!

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