Monday, August 08, 2016


I know it's origin. I am German after all. But there is a question what the idea of taking back our country, making America Great again is all about. Many wonder why socialism works in Noway and many Scandinavian countries. It's because they are or were before Islamic invasion, One People and One nation. The under God part is questionable. In Germany there was a time when the nation saw itself as one. In many ways it still does. One people, One Nation.

We all have a longing for this. We want to stand side by side on the sea of glass as one in worship of the Lord of Lords, the Nation of God. The People. This is deeper than you can imagine. Like is says in the Book of Ecclesiastes, "Eternity is hidden in the Soul of Man". We long for that unity, that oneness, that nation, that being under a benevolent King.

When we see division in the USA, Balkanization by racist misleaders, Islamification without assimilation and the many divisions caused by politicians and in the end satan himself. We are warned to mark carefully those who cause division. We think this is in the church. No, this applies to social order as well.

The reason there is such a strong force for taking the country back from division and restoring oneness of the people and oneness of the nation again is because deep inside, even if we have never actually experienced it ourselves we know in our hearts it is right. Oneness only happens with selflessness. You set yourself aside for the greater good. You look out for the others interest and not your own. This is not economic, this is the Plan of God for your life. He demonstrated it first on the Cross.

Living and working in Germany as an American for several years I learned one thing about the cultural norms. They were Germans FIRST and something else second. You were GERMAN and then Croatian, Czech, Russian, Italian and while I lived there, American. Unity was the key thing. And yes there are a lot of Black and Indian people (from India) that live there. There are a lot of Iranians, I got to know many. They are Germans first. And that works fine. No black lives matter there. Isn't needed. Even many Turkish are Germans.. but they fail to assimilate and many have become outsiders, Turks first and German second.

The Japanese are exactly the same. They see themselves as ONE NATION ONE PEOPLE. There are no immigrants to Japan. They believe that Creation of the earth took place in Japan.

This is why it was so damaging for there to be a virtual invasion by muslims from the middle east that Merkel encouraged. She believed mistakenly that they would be proud to become part of ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION. EIN VOLK.

That is a failure. The nation of God must first be Under God. Even in a secular sense. Islam has no desire to become part of ONE PEOPLE.

We need unity, we need to take our country back again, we need to restore American to greatness as One People One Nation Under God. No division allowed... ever. Mark them who cause division.

The Devil HATES unity and when you see disunity you see satan at work.

Make American ONE Again.

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