Saturday, August 06, 2016

Too many Trump supporters are living in a fantasy land; That the polls are ALL wrong; That they are fake; That they mean nothing. Please get real. Somehow this has become a narrative that sounds more like Baghdad Bob when the tanks were rolling into town proclaiming there were no enemy troops in the area.

Being the queen of denial does no one any good. Faith is a wonderful thing as LONG as it’s faith in God. Faith in Trump is not faith, it’s fantasy. It might even be profane. Face the polls, face the fact that 20% of traditional republican support has fallen left the party for Clinton. Every time I hear someone prognosticate that Trump will win in a landslide I shudder. No troops on the ground I can see anywhere. I do not want Hillary Clinton for President. That much is certain. I will vote for Trump. But to believe that he can win just because you believe and think that somehow God’s in this is actually taking his name in vain. 

Cut it out. Grow up for GOD’S SAKE.

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