Saturday, August 06, 2016

I hate it when something I fought for DIES a slow death--

Those who think I secretly want Hillary Clinton to win, don’t understand the situation. I’m a businessman and a Prophet. That means that I must face truth. Pretending and hoping are not what we do. We measure, examine and uncover a strategy to get where we are destined to go. I will hate it with a passion if she wins in November. I will hate it as much as I hated it when Obama got a second term. Yet… I have some confidence in our nation. I have none in her. That we will survive. Wounded. Yes. Hurt. Terribly. It will be tragic if she becomes President. It was Tragic when Obama got a second term.

The Republican party will be changed forever if she wins or loses. It will never be what it was. It will be torn down to be rebuilt. The moderate Republicans will become the new democrats and modify the ultra left from that party. There are a lot of nutcases out there on the fringes. So no matter what after the Bernie-ism of the Democrat party, that too will go thru restructure.

I care about the Republican Party, but it's reasonable. The remaining conservatives who start by wearing a default republican badge will redefine the movement once again. A new party will emerge. It may or may not be called Republican. But reform is never pretty. It will be tragic and painful. I’m sure there were Whigs who hated the name Republican when it was reformed.

So, this is change, all change is not always improvement, look at the last 8 years, but without change there is no potential for improvement. If we are going to have to rebuild, I will rather do so under a trump presidency than see our rights and liberties stripped away by a tyrant..... Thy name is Clinton

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