Saturday, August 06, 2016

The election coming up will have corruption and voter fraud in it. Every one does. The most egregious was last time around when more people in St Joe County Florida voted for Obama than are registered there. And in a couple precincts 100% of the vote went to him. Same in the Cleveland area. But the claim that the election will be rigged is foolish talk. That would be impossible and any attempt would be met by armed rebellion or complete totalitarian submission as in North Korea where the Kims get 100% of the vote. We need universal voter ID to stop fraud. Even in the country of India, they have universal voter ID and they certainly can't afford it. it's not about racism, it's about corruption. In North Dakota they attempted to call for Voter ID. The native American Population claimed racism. The state said, if you want a valid ID just present yourself with any kind of identification and you will have one for free. That was rejected. The Democrats can’t have that. Not enough room for graft and corruption on the reservation. So yes there is voter fraud but that's not the same as RIGGED.

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