Monday, August 01, 2016

Democrats Continue Weakness on National Security

 GOP nominee Donald Trump got a huge convention bounce nationally with
his personal, homeland and national security message out of Cleveland,
and the Democrats are systemically unable to respond because any
meaningful, tough response would require a repudiation of their own
policies and an admission that the world has an Islamic jihad problem.

You can see the weakness of the Democratic position in President
Obama’s limp reaction to the Cleveland convention that things aren’t as
bad as they seem. A theme that runs counter to his ambulance chasing
around the country, attempting to drive his gun control agenda.

It can be seen in the Obama administration’s pathetic response to the news that two Islamic radicals
attacked a Roman Catholic mass in Normandy, France, beheading an
85-year-old priest in front of his congregation that, “France and the
United States share a commitment to protecting religious liberty for
those of all faiths, and today’s violence will not shake that

No one wants to restrict religious liberty, but that is really code
for Obama and the Democrats’ fear of naming the problem of Islamic
extremism and jihad, and the people of the United States know it.

When people, in the name of Islam, kill a French priest in what was
described as an almost religious ritualistic execution; murder nine
Germans in Munich; maniacally drive through a crowd in Nice, France,
ending 84 lives; and open fire on co-workers in San Bernardino,
California and gays at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, soft words don’t
impress anyone. Least of all, those who seek to murder the infidels all
around them.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is trapped in this Obama box, and
she dares not utter the basic truth that the world has a Sharia law
problem, and the policies she supports that open America’s doors to
hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East will make our
nation dramatically less safe.

Democrats Continue Weakness on National Security

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