Saturday, August 06, 2016

Please try to understand WHY I can Never Ever vote for Hillary Clinton. Please try to understand how other than intentional blindness anyone can. Perhaps these images will explain.
Hillary has a shotgun pointed right at your head. It is loaded. She's a good shot. She won't miss. She is guaranteed to pull the trigger if she is elected.
Trump is a loaded chamber in Russian Roulette except he has the gun pointed at your and spins the chamber. He will pull the trigger. You have a chance the gun won't fire.
With Hillary death and destruction is certain. With Trump, there's only a chance. You might survive. In fact the odds are in your favor. Let's get over this, Trump is not going to nuke the world. That is stupid stuff the left says.
Hillary will only nuke you. OK, not nukes but you'll be just as dead as Vince Foster.
You understand that this is metaphorically speaking, but it's how I see this. She is not only dangerous, she's deadly. Trump is just dangerous.
Not great choices. But that's your choice. Now any questions on who to vote for... or against?

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