Saturday, August 06, 2016

To Hillary Voters:

People who vote democrat and who will vote for Hillary because she is a democrat do not understand who she really is. They will not avail themselves of the truth about her, her husband, their criminal activities and the corruption that revolves around her. Not to mention the obvious trail of dead bodies over which they continue to step. She is a criminal, crooked and has no good intent for the USA. I wish people would see or read the information that is out there. But.. blindness is always intentional. It is demonic. And since it’s rampant.. we know who’s behind it. 

What makes it more tragic is they will vote for this and then plead ignorance when it all comes down. And many are professing Christians who close their eyes and ears to the near sacramental altar of death (abortion, baby parts harvest, euthanasia, rationed health care leading to death and other proactive atrocities) that surrounds her campaign. On this Donald Trump and I agree.. she is not the Devil but she's a close personal friend and satan is on her speed dial.

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