Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Primer on Unity at the Executive Level in Business or Government.

Some have wondered about Donald's Trump's Quick decision to fire the active attorney general last night.  It's as it should be.  She represents the Administration or at least did till she didn't.

I have had the privilege of having been the CEO of several organizations; CEO and President in some cases. My accountability was to ownership. In larger organizations there is a board of Directors that has the ability to remove the CEO. And every year the Board is elected by the shareholders. It’s how it works.

As the CEO (chief executive) for those organizations I had people who worked for me in management positions. We would have management meetings. It was behind those closed doors that decisions were ironed out. We might have had severe disagreements behind those doors but in the end, when we walked out of that room, we all stood as one, in agreement with whatever was decided.

If one of those managers who worked for me disagreed with me before the employees or customers, that was grounds for immediate dismissal. No questions asked. In business or in Government the executive function must be unified. He must have those who work for him in management fully in step. If they cannot go along with his decisions, they can deal with those issues in a management meeting or they can resign. They do NOT have the right to go public with a dissenting opinion. They as managers represent the decisions of the executive. Any undermining must be dealt with swiftly.

Business is not a democracy. The executive branch of the Government of the USA is not a democracy. If you work for the President or represent yourself as working for the President you must stand as ownership of the decisions the President makes. Defend them. Carry out his orders. If you cannot, you must resign or be fired.

The executive branch must have a Chief Executive and every member of his or her administration must support publicly the decisions of the Chief Executive. Imagine what a mess it would be if every member of the executive branch decided to use his or her own discretion for the function of their department?

It cannot be. It may seem draconian, but that’s how it must work. Even President Obama demanded that level of absolute allegiance from his cabinet and their employees.

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