Saturday, February 04, 2017

TAX PAID BY GROUPINGS by Eddie Wilson (AG Pastor)

US tax payers classified white pay 90% of US tax paid.

73% of US population is white

70.3 % of US population is Christian

46% attend a church

2.9 % Of US population is homosexual

13% is Black

46% of Christians are white. (White decline)

Black Christians are most generous among Christians

41.6 % of Black American receive means tested income from federal programs

13% of white Americans are on MTP's

With an aggregate of research gleaned from above, what could be wrong with giving some benefits. Based on taxation, population plurality and demographics?

Taxation without representation is occurring to the top 10 per centers who bear the tax burden for the lower 50% of the population who do not pay but are benefited by SSI EIC WIC SNAP TANF AND OTHER ALPHABET FED/STATE PROGRAMS BENEFITING THE NON-WORKING AND INDIGENT segments

For certain the top ten percent should have some say in welfare distributions, means testing and criminal/drug related activities, length of time for assistance, work/means testing, welfare roll purging etc

The taxpayer needs more input into family units, unqualified partners in a govt assisted family unit...

The new infrastructure, military buildup could use able bodied employees off welfare government benefit rolls

Lots of right wing work taking the place of left winger give-away.

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