Saturday, February 04, 2017

BETTER IS NOT BEST! By Eddie Wilson (AG Pastor)

Islam is not truly a religion. It is more a political ideology; More like mythology. Rather than many gods, aggregately faceting Greek pagan theology, Islam has several arms. There is little authority given the deity. Mullah, imams, ayatollahs establish schisms dividing the systematic theology into warring tribes.

Before we indict 1.6 billion Muslims, let's look at the State of our Christian Union. American cultural Christianity is piece by piece stripping the Mystery of Godliness of its theological certainty.

The centrality of scripture has disappeared. The disengagement of even basic dependence on scripture, leaves marriage, sexuality, and the certainty of faith in shreds. Abortion and promiscuity darken the nation's soul.

Abdication by our institutions in regard to creation, resurrection, and the inspiration of scripture leaves us with a hypocritical agnosticism where the amalgam of cosmic thought is regarded as rustic signposts to help one in search of truth. Buddhism , Shintoism, animism, Islam, Hinduism, judaism, Christianity, humanism form one gigantic compendium of humanity's desire to know more. Of course, more can be less.

All religions have a seat at the table of modern theology. Cultural Christianity is not much more than a political ideology. The historical singularity of Evangelicalism is hated, denied and universally repugnant to the wisest of religious thinkers. Even our Christian Clergy has grown weary of defending Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

The effort to humanize Christ, making Him no more than an historical figure, continues to emasculate Christian evangelical efforts. Although our basic Western Civilization humanitarian standards are far and away better than most cultures, what we have done in America to the Faith of Our Fathers is regrettable.

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