Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's time to stop calling the opposition LOYAL - They are NOT

I asked a small group of friends to digitally sign a pledge of decency. I also posted the same request on a blog at Say Anything. A pledge of being an honorable Citizen of this great country. A pledge that would result in less vilification of our President whomever he or perhaps ultimately SHE will be. I said I would sign it. That, as a good friend of mine said, I will awaken November 5th 2008 to serve the KING.

Directly or indirectly I asked perhaps 30 various Obama Supporters to sign this pledge digitally:

No matter who becomes our next President, I will honor that person as the President of the USA. I will hold them in the proper esteem. I may not agree with the individual all the time. I may find myself at odds with the next president of the USA’s policies. But that person is MY president and as such I will not engage in the kind of rancor represented by the opposition during the last 8 years best described as Bush Derangement Syndrome. I will hold my tongue and while vigorously debating policy, will refrain from personal attacks, calling the person an idiot or other such degrading language as has been so vociferously mounted from the left against President Bush. In a few months the New President will take the oath of office and will be sworn in. We have a fresh start. I therefore Pledge to you that I will respect the President and in the event of a tragedy if it should happen I will respect without ridicule the person who will then become President during the next four years.
I was quite clear that this did not preclude the capacity to ridicule. This did mean that the level of Rancor we have seen from the left in the last four years needs to dial back. And some from the right.

How many Left Wing Obama Supporters would be willing to honorable and enter into a covenant of patriotism do you think. I was shocked.

NOT ONE. Zip. Nada.

I was serious. I had hopes of a few. NOPE.

I knew there were some that would not.

Then a comment on the public inquiry on this was made by a wise correspondent regarding this letting me know that Honor in Patriotism is not the left's core behavior.


Well, by now,given the response to your post, it should be pretty obvious these are not honorable opponents, respectful of a common heritage of decency. They are shrill, adolescent thugs for whom winning, no matter what the method or the consequences, trumps all else. They are small-minded, self-absorbed, entitlement junkies who will use any means imaginable to destroy those who oppose them and all the power of the government to steal what they can from their more industrious, more more productive fellow citizens… all in the name of “fairness” and “justice.” The only sacrifices that concern them are those they can force on the rest of us. Those who have gone before, who strove and sacrificed to give them the opportunities and the wherewithal, who made this country the greatest in history, are all but irrelevant to this vanguard of instant gratification revolutionaries.

They lie with an ease and dexterity that at times seems genetically programmed, and they are masters of vocabulary, even if they have no fluency with the mechanics of actual accomplishment. They are intemperate, impatient, and largely incapable of the reasoned exchange of ideas that marks normal political discourse. They have as much contempt for traditional liberals as they do conservatives, or anyone else who abides by the “rules” of an orderly, open, republican society. They are the product of an education based on the “revolutionary” precepts of Bill Ayers and his neo-Marxist fellow travelers, and because of that they regard all attempts at civility, reason, and respect as weaknesses to be exploited in their lust for power and other people’s wealth.

In another age, your call for honor and respect would be unnecessary, and largely redundant. With contemporary “progressives” however, your plea is pointless. Like Che Guevara, one of their revolutionary heroes, all they understand is the systematic application of sustained force.

There is little you have ever written with which I would disagree, but our shared religious precepts aside, this is not the moment to turn the other cheek. We have a legacy of opportunity handed down to us,… one which we are obliged to pass on to our children, and perhaps someday, our grandchildren.

These “progressives” are not misguided children as we might wish to think of them. They are vile ideologues who will destroy this country with their witless fervor and willful ignorance, and bankrupt and ultimately enslave all of us in the process.

From Bat.

I'm Surprised but not Shocked. There's Gambling going on? I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you.

A covenant like Marriage requires that both sides agree. I said I do. If they don't I can't.

That's why Last Best responded to the lack of commitment as follows:

Right now, in theaters everywhere, is a Hollywood movie about our president called “W”....It’s about the 200th film outta Hollywood during the last 8 yrs. that spits on our president. and Daily Kos have spent years saying every vile thing that can be imagined ‘bout our president.

MSM has attacked our president from all sides since 2000, with anti-Bush slanted news coverage so much the norm that it’s rarely even mentioned anymore. This treatment continues to this day.

And now, with what you assume will be a Obama win, ya wanna play nice?

I pledge eternal hostility to the anti-American forces within our nation that openly disdain our soldiers as they fight for US and sneers at our president as Commander In Chief as he leads US in 2 wars against an enemy that would happily slit the throat of any American they could get their hands on.

I further pledge to write, speak, vote and support any moral and legal opposition to a foreign policy of appeasement and a socialist domestic economic policy of wealth redistribution that are being promoted by Obama and the radically anti-American Democrat Party.

I guess, it's business as usual. And we are doing political business with less than honorable people.

This is a sad state of affairs in a sad country.


Anonymous said...

Afraid to post the rational comments that prove you wrong?

Gene Redlin said...

Nope, But I did accidentally delete several comments on the blog a couple days ago. Yours must have been among them. The moderation page has a place to check the ones you want to publish or delete.

I had several very good comments, perhaps yours was among them, that I deleted and couldn't get back.

I did intend to delete just a couple that were just inane. I seem to attract some readers who are of that variety and one in particular I think is mentally ILL. Instead I inadvertently deleted all of them. I was sad about that. I love a good argument.

Most commenters are good natured and courteous. Good spirited comments attempting valid disagreement, rational in particular are welcomed and posted.

Yours was lost in the black hole of blogger.


Anonymous said...

I heard on the Mark Levin Show on Friday, "When right negotiates with wrong only right can lose. Wrong is happy to get a little bit." I call it incremental creep, and our country has unfortunately undergone incremental creep in the wrong direction to more liberal. To undo the damage that has been done by negotiating with wrong can only be undone I believe with the help of God.

Anonymous said...

Incremental creep toward more liberalism will increase as long as people continue to become better educated, more appreciative of diversity, and more open minded. It is a good thing. The 50/50 split of the past is now 60/40 and will probably level out around 70/30. Then the true battles will be between KINDS of liberals and will be genuine conversations instead of wars of ugly words like they are when conservatives are involved, especially fundamentalist conservatives. Oddly, those on the side of 'Jesus' and the Bible have the ugliest mouths lately.

Anonymous said...

"Better educated" is a very relative term. My wife has a graduate degree. One of the graduate level classes she took required her to go into a porn shop and write about her experiences. Pretty liberal. Pretty worthless. A tech school has more rigor than some liberal arts graduate programs. Also, during her graduate level training, the only religion trashed by the esteemed faculty was Christianity. All others were accepted. "Diversity" and "open minded" are meaningless spin words.
When 70/30 occurs: No one who wants to work. No one who is able to pay for your ideals. Much anarchy. Much death. We've seen all this before, just not on our soil.