Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The MSM Elected Obama by keeping smart people ignorant

If you want any clearer example, this is it. Watch this video. It shows how otherwise bright people were so brainwashed by the media, that they bought whatever was said, that they believed lies, that they were duped into voting ignorant of the facts, that they believed anything told them, that they were unwilling to do any independent thinking on their own. So they voted for Obama.

What makes this so sad is I know many of these people. Some even go to Church with me. They were suckered in. They now have to live with the consequence of their lack of discernment. Like sheep they were led astray.

Now we are on this ride. I hope it comes out OK. I'm not sure it will. Neither is the stock market. This is now an Obama market, uncertain, unsure, unwilling to bet that Obama and the nuts in congress will allow us to do what we are called to do. It can't get it's footing because it doesn't trust Obama.

Watch the whole video. THEN, if you were foolish enough to have been suckered into the schemes of the Mainstream Media and shut off your thinking cap, mourn, not for me, for yourself. You got you into this mess.


Anonymous said...

as if your side is any less apathetic. if you think your side is any better informed, you are in trouble. what a joke. and if you think that video is representative of voters and not rigged, you are gullible. excuse me, with a capital G Gullible. no all caps GULLIBLE. you are sure bitter about this. obama is all you can write about. complaining. bitter. sad. pathetic. why don't you try to let obama be and work on something positive for a change. write 10 positive cheerful happy optimistic blogs in a row. without mentioning obama even in some tricky way. just let it be and move on.

Anonymous said...

So how did the MSM keep people ignorant? By not reporting on the facts? What a lame premise. There are ill informed people who do not follow the news on both sides and it has nothing to do with 'fault' of the media or liberals or Obama supporters. Your connections are tenous. If the media failed to report, then you oculd blame them. That people fail to inform themselves is pretty universal to both sides. You can ask people why they voted for McCain and you will get some pretty lame answers. "He was a POW" is about the least informed one I was exposed to. That is all the knew. And for some on yoru side, "He is white" or "He is for sure not Muslim" would be the unspoken answer that is all the based their vote on. Some on your side based a vote for McCain based solely on the abortion issue, not actually having any idea what McCain's true views on it are but voting strictly against the Democrats. You are right about only one thing and that is that there are uninformed voters. But they are on both sides in at least equal proportion.