Thursday, April 16, 2009

A few thoughts about yesterday's tea party

I can't speak about all of them. Only the one I attended. I saw the ones covered on FOX TV by Hannity. They seemed OK. A little too glossy for me. I don't like "the big man" stuff any more. I guess Ron Mackenzie has got to me on that. I am starting to understand the capacity of a people driven movement.

The one we had in Geneva was organized by a group of Catholics. Local. Their driving force was the life issue. Abortion. Planned Parenthood. Freedom of Choice Act.

Yet, many, perhaps MOST of the protest was about tax and spend.

This was not advertised. It was not in the paper. It was not posted any where. It just happened. Instant. Viral. Without hype. I heard about it two days before it came off.

SO, at least as far as I'm concerned this was just one of those special moments when people came together and said "WE DO NOT AGREE".

I hope this does not become a big man thing. It's so much more powerful when it's groundswell.

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Anonymous said...

Tea Party veterans keep speaking out... Don't let the movement fizzle!