Monday, December 16, 2013

Upward Mobility?

Why is this?  What is the problem.  IS upward mobility even possible any more in the USA?  I believe that it is, but there is something very wrong with these kinds of statistics. 

People living in Area Code 60043 Kenilworth, IL (Just North of Chicago) with $242,188 as a Median household income. 88% of them are College Graduates.

I live in zip code 60175 - Average Household Income is $128,149 and 52% with College Degrees.

On the south side of Chicago between Western and Racine north of 74th st south Zip Code 60636 Average Household Income is $26,625 (7% are college graduates).  I have several friends who live in this area. 

Here's the question:  The war on poverty and the liberal agenda has failed them completely.  There is no improvement.  50 years ago the divide between the rich and poor was not this great.  It's not the rich's fault for getting richer.  It's not the poor's fault for their poverty.  It's a culture that insists on keeping people subject and obedient.  The idea of upward mobility is not part of the vision in 60636 any more so the people perish for it's lack.  SO, the issue is, do we reinforce that vision-less life by subsidy, or do we encourage those capable of getting up and out to move up? 

I keep saying Poverty is a product of a broken culture....  one that the power brokers want to keep in place.  Thinking that we can somehow level the playing field by taking from the haves is flawed. The key to helping the poor is helping them to become rich...even a little.  IF a person earning $26,625 with a vision to see themselves earning $53,050 in ten years is a better goal than keeping them poor by reinforcing a culture of poverty.

By the way, the richest people in the USA live around Washington DC... they got rich on the poor's backs.

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