Tuesday, June 24, 2014

30 years ago were asked to sponsor in a refugee from Romania.

 This was before the breakup of the Soviet Union. He arrived from Romania on the airplane. We took him home. Gave him everything he wanted. It went OK.. but there were cultural differences. We tried to teach him english. It was a stressful time. He eventually left and is living out west.

One thing I remember was his contention that he was an engineer. We took him to another Romanian American to see if there was any potential to leverage what he "Knew" to a job suitable to his ability. We learned that Engineer in Romania is about what a janitor is here. They go to school for a long time. Get a degree. In the end they learn how to change a light bulb and plug in an appliance, but that's about it. In other words his years of schooling amounted to teaching him to conform, to be a good party member, to behave and take the peanuts the central committee passed out.

What brings this up are the phony diplomas given to people today with zero skills and then the Ponzi scheme expands as they tell people that if you just got a masters or a doctorate you would be set for life. Instead they end up settling for the peanuts the puppet masters pass out. I hate the kind of slavery the left imposes on it's willing participants to keep them on the plantation. But that's how they keep getting re elected.

Socialism depends on Uninformed Unskilled Ignorance to succeed. Truth is power but you have to believe the truth.

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