Saturday, June 28, 2014

When did our military become so picky?

You don't qualify if you are fat, a felon, not a HS grad, have a tattoo where it can be seen (Neck and Face), strange piercings (ear gauges), Drug User, can't pass a simple test and are not being treated for ADHD. Well that leaves out a lot of people. 71% of our young men and women between 17-34 are not eligible to join the Army. They don't qualify.

NOW...if it were up to me, I don't care about tattoos, Fat?, we'll fix that or you will die, ADHD... we'll keep your attention I promise, Ear Gauges (Your ears will heal), No HS diploma (we'll teach you and you'll have one when you leave), Felon? you'll be on a watch list but this is your chance for redemption. When I was young, if you committed a felonious offense joining up was a chance for redemption. We needed fodder for the cannons in Vietnam.

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