Friday, June 27, 2014


  I have been thinking about this since I heard it.  Truman was famous for saying the Buck STOPS Here.  No victim he. If everything that happens to you is someone elses fault, if you are always being taken advantage of, if you know for sure you would have won if the other guy hadn't cheated.. you are a victim. 

I am going to be bold.  IF you see yourself as victimized by any person, group, race, institution or organization, you are never going to rule.  You will always remain the tail and not the head. Being the victim gives power to someone who may not even know he or she has any.  You lost already.

I think of this because our President is famous for being a victim and telling everyone else that they too are victimized.  He is creating losers in his own image.  A whole generation of victims have forfeited their destiny by the lies of the age.  No one can be a victim without their consent.  You CAN refuse. 

IF you want to be the leader (Ruler) of any company, institution, nation, church, group or organization you cannot play the role of Victim.  If you do you cannot rule.

The two are incompatible. 

 It's not what happens, it's what our response to what happens that makes us a victim. Bad things happen to people all the time. Things happen that are horrid. Things happen that could destroy them... yet people emerge from these very difficult situations with victory and overcoming. 

 Here's a secret. You will NOT rule and reign with Christ (future tense). You already rule and reign UNLESS you consent to being a victim. Victimization is not what happens, it's how we deal with it. 

I have had a lot of hard things in my life.. I could complain... I refuse to be a victim. Victory is the opposite of victim. You can't have both. Once more... how you deal with setbacks, difficulties, undesirable situations, rejection, pain, disease and those who try to manipulate you that determines your level of consent. Victimization is a choice. I choose not to be one. Building a bridge and getting over it is a good way to live.

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