Tuesday, February 17, 2015

For the 12,000th Time

I have kept this blog alive for ten years. I have posted everything from politics, pathos, humor and other.

I try to keep it clean.  I deviate a bit some times.

I do look at the statistics and know I don't have a HUGE readership. Relations, a few globally, and Fallout Chuck. 

I do this more as a way to sort of talk about with my keyboard what matters to me at the moment.  I hoped that sometimes I might offer advice, encouragement and caution to people I care about. Maybe.. or not.

In any case this is the 12,000th post.  That's a lot.  Lately I have cut and pasted from Facebook.. yet from time to time when it is more personal, I don't.

I don't really have great profundity.. yet I believe my opinion and viewpoint is equal to any that are out there.  So, I do.  Bloggers frustrate those who thought they had a god given right to do thought control.. then a decade or so WE came along. We began to explain other sides. 

That has changed the world.  Not me.  On Line Media.  Blaze, Breitbart, Hot Air, PJ media, Drudge, and dozens like it keep the world aware.  There would be no tea party but for on line media, and blogs.

Twitter, Facebook and a dozen other platforms seem to give instant credence to voices silenced before.  Whether that credence is credible or not is another issue. 

This much I know, even if it only has the capacity to influence a tiny bit one person for better, I do it.

A drop of rain when combined with many others in a stream becomes a torrent as it forms into a movement that washes away long standing monuments to ignorance.

I am only one drop.. but I am one.

So.. on to 12,001.  Good Morning America, How are ya?

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Fallout said...

The way that this was starting out I thought that you might be closing your blog. I'm glad that you are not but it must be difficult to keep it going with so little activity. I know that when I post a controversial comment I'm surprised or even disappointed that someone hasn't responded to my post. Gene, it must be much more difficult for you seeing so little response for all the effort that you put into it.