Saturday, February 21, 2015

How I came to believe in Divine Healing.

It was at First Assembly

It was early in the 1980s, I was pretty new to the whole idea that God heals people. Yet when Pastor Dan said so, I bought into it. I had no doubt. "I am the Lord that healeth thee" was enough.

The first time I went forward for healing was in the old building. I had a wart on my finger. It was a Sunday night service. Dan and Wanda were praying for people. I went forward. He looked at the wart and cursed it .. it was gone in a day. It had been there for a year.

Not a big deal like a cancer, but it was a faith builder. I began to believe that God can do anything. My first response from that day forward was first to seek God for healing before even thinking about going to a doctor. And it worked.

I became a steady show up in any healing lines after that. Ingrown Toenail. Healed. Tooth issues. Healed. ANYTHING that came up.. that was my first reaction.

Then I got boldness to lay hands on others.. freely given freely give.

That has been amazing even to this day even decades later. The other day Peggy was injured. God still heals. No doctors are required.

Not that I never go to a doctor.. of course I do. BUT I know that it's second best. It's not a lack of faith if I do, but I must get a release in my spirit to do so. Running off after every sniffle just doesn't happen.

There was a time when my faith for healing was abated for a little. It was also there at First Assy. When I came for another time to have hands laid on me, anoit with oil.. someone said, "that's why we have dentists". I took him at his words.. that was a mistake. Lack of faith can be contagious. That was a lack.

 Maybe you needed this encouragement today. I did. Bless you.

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