Thursday, February 19, 2015

The chains of victimhood

I found this today and it so well expressed why I despise the Merchants of Victimhood who sanction self defeating behavior. When Jesse and Al tell people the MAN is holding them down ... it is like a soul stealing vampire sucking the life out of a person. Read this below

From this article:

The chains of defining yourself as a victim are a tourniquet wrapped around the soul.

The only way to stop it is to declare yourself free and ignore those you think are trying to limit you. The only way to break the chains is to believe you alone are responsible for your state of happiness and prosperity or lack thereof. Yes, other factors (including the animosity of strangers) might influence that state, but if you are willing to work hard enough you can overcome additional factors. And if you aren’t willing to work hard enough nothing, not even the most favorable of circumstances, can make you successful.

The chains of victimhood are insidious and will destroy your soul as well as your writing.

Fortunately the key to freedom is in your own hands.

Refuse excuses.

Set yourself free.

A comment on the article (not Mine):
Victimhood is insidious. It gives one permission to fail with minimal effort. It whispers “You can never succeed for they won’t let you.” It never tells you “You didn’t succeed because what you did was crap,” because that implies you can succeed if you work at it. Then the person never puts forth effort, which ensures perpetual failure. Victimhood is just another version of despair, a leech of one’s very soul.

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