Monday, February 16, 2015

I am deeply moved by this

. My Uncle Earl, who raised me after our folks died, wrote to Ronald Reagan when he was governor of CA in 1967. He suggested that Governor Reagan should run for President. He said, no he was happy being governor. But if your memory is right, he tried to displace Gerald Ford in 1976 and didn't succeed. The liberal Republicans had to have that nice man in once again and JIMMY CARTER the first beat Ford. So our nation went thru a terrible time. Fortunately Ronald Reagan won in 80 and once more our great nation became focused. I don't know who is going to replace Jimmy Carter the second.. but let's hope for a competent conservative.. no more liberals.. ever again. Piece of history.
When Uncle Earl wrote this it was after we had married and had our first child. I didn't actually know about this Michael Redlin. If you have this treasure it.. It may even be worth money

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