Sunday, November 08, 2015

Cultural Hangover

Hoodoo Conjure is a cultural holdover that still keeps people on the plantation under control of the white man. If you don't know what that is, it's a belief in myths, the capacity to engage lies easily, fear of the other, magical thinking, a dependency on a great one to fix everything. I see it sometimes when ministering to people. They sometimes want a word because they believe in the manifestation of the Hoodoo Conjure. If the Prophets say thus and so it will come to pass because they conjured it up for me. Most desperate are those who ask me "Will I find Love or Will I get money soon?" I sometimes find myself seen as a male Marie Laveau.

Part of Hoodoo is the belief in an evil persona. People who are seen as boogeymen. This is the hoodoo of the "Other". If they are different, they are seen as evil. These fears and cultural things cause divisions that do not need to exist. They cause people to stay in places they hate. Ghettos. The plantation.

These cultural mentalities serve overlords to keep people in bondage. They are trapped and lied to by those they believe to be part of the Hoodoo. (I wondered about the word "Hood" and Hoodoo.. I know it comes from Neighborhood, but does it really?). Obama was one such.

We see this in our political divisions. Ben Carson is the latest boogeyman of the plantation culture of Hoodoo. A decade ago he was portrayed on screen as a hero, an icon, a wonder worker. All of that is true. But when he "came out" as conservative and worse overtly christian, the left and in particular the hoodoo religious plantation dwellers couldn't handle him. They have had the long knives out for some time now and are looking for ways to discredit him.

This is not new. There is not one single black conservative that the plantation dwellers embrace. NOT ONE. Note I didn't say Repubican. Colin Powell is not a conservative but believes he is a republican. How about Alan West, Herman Cain, Star Parker, Alan Keyes, J C Watts or Tim Scott and others who are vocally conservative and dark skinned. It's no shock that the fear and trepidation of a leading presidential candidate who is not "Like Them" because he is not part of the plantation culture creates the kind of lies and anger they are now expressing.

It is easy to discover who is still stuck on the plantation and in chains forged by their white media and cultural overlords. See how they are reacting and you can say, he's not free yet. Still in chains. It makes me sad to see so many believing lies and slander without even asking a hard questions. The retorts to questioning their warped worldview always ends up the same. What if that were a white person who did that or worse was done to Obama. The argumentation is reduced to "Everyone does it".

Getting free of the Hoodoo Culture and it's Conjurers is not easy. It takes first admitting that you have been had. That you have bought a lie that put you in chains. That's a big leap. I hope you might wake up.. but the force of Hoodoo is strong among them and won't be easy to escape. Even deliverance can't reform people from cultural traps. Like getting free of drugs or alcohol, it starts with admission. That all by itself will cause people to stay on the plantation in chains.

Saying I was wrong is really hard.

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